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It’s been another busy week here at Vizzitopia, as I struggle to keep up with the daily changes over at Google+ and savor the peace and relative comfort at Facebook, (imagine!!) getting to know more local business owners at LinkedIn whereas on Pinterest … just writing about it all exhausts me!! LOl

I’ve been so thankful to Wordle this week. (Though there are now lots of others, Tagul being my current favorite)

Social Media Tool - Wordle

This is the cover page/sales page of a someone who is looking for a LinkedIn trainer who “gets” her list! Wordle summed up the page so quickly and told me exactly what the message is that this lady is offering to the marketplace.

What's your page about

This is the landing page for a professional financial planner who speaks on women and money. Thanks to this visual representation of the page, we were able to identify precisely why we’re seeing the results we’re getting. AND, what we need to do if we expect to see something different.

In each case, Wordle created a visual map of masses of words and summed it up for me and my team to tell us the whole story, in one single image.  Talk about a quick and easy way to SEE keyword density!!  I use it everywhere as a diagnostic or research tool.  I notice that my colleagues use it to create images for posts that have no particularly apt image.  That’s good too. That you can alter the colors and horizontal vs. vertical layout is all good too.

What might you use it for? Do share an idea or two, in the comment box below:-  PS – a new site we just did for a colleague of mine Women in Business Mastery & Success – where there is a word cloud on one of the workshop pages.

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