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Jacksonville social media marketingWith the recent proliferation of social media sites, you may be becoming increasingly confused as to which will serve your marketing needs best.

Take Pinterest for example, which has rocketed to number 3 behind Twitter and FaceBook in only a few short months. Every social media site is different and if you want to promote your business as with any kind of marketing, you must do your research and planning before jumping in.

Social media participation can be very time-consuming and it can take a considerable amount of time and work to elbow your way to the forefront, especially if you’ve been putting it off. Indeed, you may find that when checking your analytical data, traffic and sales conversions you may come to the harsh reality that it really wasn’t worth your time.

Now is the time to look at Pinterest. It’s as unique as YouTube and an extraordinary opportunity to promote your business/service in a totally different way.

Will your Business Translate to a Visual Media?

Obviously if you’re promoting a physical product, the answer has to be yes to Pinterest, but other businesses/services won’t do so well. If you’re not sure, then I’d suggest you punch in some keywords related to your business and see what comes up.

Now you have two questions to ask: is it all pretty dull stuff and could I do better? Pinterest is all about being creative and not pushing your products down peoples’ throats. Will that subtle approach work for your business?

You want to get your Pins Re-pinned – just like Sharing and Re-Tweeting – it’s vital – and if that’s not going to happen, it would be best to concentrate on your efforts within other types of social media.

If you examine a screen full of Pins, you’ll notice how easy it all is to comprehend. Pinners are generally scanners like article readers, they don’t look at everything, and they are more likely to re-pin than take a minute to comment. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the eye candy on Pinterest. Commenting on one great photo makes you feel like you’re cheating all the others!

Reciprocity & Respect Rule

The whole idea is reciprocity on Pinterest. Actual promotion should only occupy about 20% of your time, the rest should be spent gathering endorsements and sourcing similar information.

Gentlemen be warned though, Pinterest is dominated by women, who while holding the world’s purse strings, have definite tastes, dreams and desires. If your business can encourage their interest and plant seeds in their minds, your business will do well.

If you’re thinking seriously about joining Pinterest I’d like to invite you to pick up your free newsletter full of Pinterest tips.  You’ll be able to follow things as they develop (they are still only in beta testing!) by visiting pintapalooza.com.

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