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Jacksonville social media marketingThe more I offer Jacksonville social media marketing, the more clear 5 factors that influence buying decisions become.  I believe it is only 5 and that you need to nail each one. Once you do, you will close every prospect you want to close and be able to nudge those who look like they might be a pain on to your competition!

It’s all about differentiation and risk.  And price… but price last!  Here’s how I think it all lays out:-

1. Differentiation.  How are you better, different, special, unique, smarter, faster, whatever.  Can you be clear about this unique selling proposition (USP, often called Unique Competitive Advantage) and can you say it concisely?

2.  Value.  Does your prospect fully understand the value of your service (or product) compared to competition, and also compared to anything they can find online.  Value here in terms of worth, not really the dollars and cents of price.

3.  Risk.  Perceived risk.  No-one wants to buy the wrong thing. The knock-on waste of time is as much a hassle as the waste of lost resources and lost ground.

4. The KILT.  (know-Like-Trust)There’s no getting away from this; for your prospect to become your customer, they gotta like you, or at least have faith in you and trust you.  Maybe they don’t need to KNOW you in the same way as business back in the 50s but the rest is still critical.

5. Price.  Now, it’s price.  Down here, in position 5.  And you know this, otherwise everyone and everything would be purchased at Walmart and there wouldn’t need to be any other options.

It has been said that, once items 1 – 4 have been settled price comes off the table as an issue in 50 – 80% of the deals made.  Think about how you buy: don’t you seek “comfort” not just “a great deal,” or even the “best deal”.

There is another factor: your reputation. This used to be only from word of mouth, but it’s available online now.  Everywhere, and your customers WILL check you out, both on social sites, on Google, in reviews, etc.  A good reputation reduces risk, too, in the mind of the potential buyer. This is why we all like referrals so much; they come from a trusted source and the prospect is usually pre-sold.

As your marketing turns towards the new season, how are you adjusting your sales presentation?  Do you have your USP clean and crisp? Is your value clearly stated? And how do you address risk?  Who knows, maybe all that’s so good you ought to be raising your prices this season!

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