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Oh yeah, this IS my accountant!

I would not have expected the American Institue of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to have the best rationale for social media marketing I’ve even seen, but this is the case. Recently, I’ve been working with a CPA client who is a member of the AICPA. We’ve been following their lead closely, so as to comply with all professional standards. While not as stringent about what they can not say in public as the Certified Financial Planning people, there are things that simply don’t fit a CPA that a restaurant or hair dresser can easily say, post, plus, like, etc. Here’s the AICPA’s advice:-

Think of the credible colleague you meet at a business conference and know you’d be wise to keep in touch with. Traditional “continued touches” might be a handwritten “it was nice to meet you” note and adding the person to the firm’s newsletter mailing list.

Next year, when you see him at the conference, he might know a little bit more about you or your firm. But, what more do you know about him? About his business, or his interests? Add LinkedIn or Facebook to the above efforts and by the next year, if you’ve used the tools correctly, you’ll not only know a lot more about him, but you will have interacted in the interim. You will sit down as friends who will know some of each other’s accomplishments, personal hobbies or interests and degree of interest in them, and perhaps even some of those valuable personal details that bring people closer together.

Thus the relationship is dramatically accelerated.

This happens all the time through social media.

And the fact that you don’t have to meet in person or talk on the phone is a huge bonus. It takes less than a minute sometimes to quick click a message through to someone, especially if you’re just enjoying their post with a “like” or “plus”. The time savings comes from being able to touch so many people in one sitting.

Good, eh?

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