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For anyone in the marketing space these headlines proliferate:


  • Three out of four Millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than on consumer goods, and the generation is shaping a new experience economy, particularly when it comes to retail
  • Like the Residential Retail trend, these new experience stores aim to bring shoppers back into brick-and-mortar shops
  • Mass-market brands ranging from Sephora to Samsung are offering Millennial shoppers added value and one-of-a-kind experiences through in-store educational workshops, free classes, and hands-on product testing
  • Through the use of technology and social media tie-in, retailers are engaging with customers beyond product. In the case of Lululemon’s Hub Seventeen, the community gathering place means the brand becomes part of the consumer’s daily routine

Retailers are struggling against the pull of armchair shopping at the likes of Amazon.com and trying to not only get customers INTO the stores but keep them there long enough to buy something.  (And help the store generate buzz and excitement via consumer content – selfies and the like)

We’ve heard this before. Remember when Barnes and Noble first arrived and because it had a coffee shop and the ability to listen to music, it combined the best of Virgin Record and Starbucks to became THE place to hang out.  Then Singles Nights happened, where you would head to the aisle with books of your interest and …it got creepy. But I still see the Tuesday evening Chess games, and folks chatting over recipe books, magazine articles, etc.

Restoration Hardware

Trends in Experience Stores


Restoration Hardware takes an abandoned, landmark building redolent in women’s and cultural history and restores it. There are now art galleries, libraries, an atelier where you can customize designs, Residential Retail. You can eat anywhere. They have performance spaces, lounges, a courtyard…all furnished with Restoration Hardware furniture. Everything you see can be purchased. It is THE hang out spot for anyone to ideate, design and nurture their spirit. A place where you can design your life, is the idea.  It’s clever isn’t it?

blurring the line between home and hospitality.

Experience RetailSpread over the bottom floor of Macy’s Herald Square, One Below is part of the flagship store’s $400 million revamp. Designed as a lifestyle store selling a broad range of products, One Below is a pilot space for the Millennial customer, and features juniors brands Material Girl, Roxy and American Rag, along with a selection of wearables and electronic gadgets. Interactive tech is key – a 3D printing shop allows customers to create their own custom jewelry and iPhone cases. In the Benefit Brow Bar and blow-dry lounge, Millennials can primp and pamper before they take a selfie and upload it to the in-store selfie wall.

In Experiential Design, We Offering A Place to Pause, Consider and Experience New Things.

The Takeway

Young shoppers need to be lured away from the ease of shopping online. The store needs to be an experience – a place to learn, be     entertained. You are more than just a shopkeeper. You’re in the Edu-tainment game. How can you add value, add in yourself, make your store the place to be?  That’s what you need to consider.



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