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About Vizzitopia, a premier Jacksonville Social Media Marketing Agency

Vizzitopia was formed to help folks (initially, stagers and realtors, now all businesses) manage their “brand visibility”… i.e. get found online.  That didn’t mean building a website; it meant buildingtraffic to that web site.  More than simple backlinks, it meant defining who the person/brand was and getting everyone to associate that person with the service they were providing. . .  through as many different angles as possible.  My mantra was then, and still is

Fish Where the Fish Are

Some fish; some watch. Either way, there’s a crowd

You gotta fish where the fish are!

Once the folks connected, through shared interests or direct need-solution, business could happen.  Since folks like to do business with people they know.

Now, the field is called Social Media Marketing. It’s still about building traffic, impressions, links, and connecting to engage in that all important,pre-sales relationship.  Now, too, reach has become important. Why? The more folks run into you, the more things in common they feel they have with you, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Now we offer a variety of customized packages.  We can

  • teach you how to do your own social media;
  • look at what you’re already doing and devise a strategy to streamline your time and up your reach & success
  • or we can do it all for you. (with 3 levels ~ Basic, Business & Celebrity)

The goal is to always to engage your customers, current, past and future, and to grow your business by being Simply Social Now®

About Juliet McEwen Johnson

Juliet McEwen Johnson

Juliet McEwen Johnson

Juliet, most recently, ran a successful home staging company in New Jersey where she “owned” the #1 spot on Google for “home staging NJ” for 3 years!!  Upon relocating to the Deep South, she has built a service to share her social media know-how with small businesses and solo-preneurs.

Juliet has 10 years of corporate event planning experience for Showtime, American Movie Classics, Volvo, Pfizer, Merck and Bristol Myers-Squibb, just to name a few.

She was also a voice over artist, voicing characters for MTV’s ‘Celebrity Death Match’ and ‘Liquid Pavilion’ and promos for Comedy Central’s ‘Adult Swim’, CNN, Netscape, Verizon, AT&T, ABC Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio’s First Wave.

There are a few clips, just for fun over at BritVoice. (Juliet is THE VOICE of Kate Moss; sadly not the figure!!)

Imdb Icon

I even have my own page on IMDb… of all things!

On another episode of ‘Celebrity Deathmatch – the ‘Cook Off of Carnage” — Juliet is the voice of Clarissa Dickson Wright – one 1/2 of the infamous Two Fat Ladies (in a more figure-appropriate kind of role!) “Mayhem on the menu” for sure! The guy playing the part of Jennifer had just finished playing George Michael in the previous week’s episode!! (sigh) Silly days!

British voice over artist in NYC

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