The New Google, “Good Content” and SEO

Google, SEO and Good ContentThe New Google

With Google comes change. The latest big change is the new Hummingbird algorithm. Simply, Google now looks at longer questions in the search bar, and returns a better answer. Where they used to return results that picked up on one or two keywords, now Google can see your search query in context. If you search for “number of calories in a Pizza Hut slice” – Google can now take you to the most relevant page – as opposed to a more, potentially confusing list page.  A more specific, useful, faster answer for the question you wanted answered.

Good Content

What this means to Continue reading

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The Best Rationale For Social Media Marketing I’ve Seen Yet!

Best Rationale for Social Media Marketing

Yeah, this IS my accountant

I would not have expected the American Institue of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to have the best rationale for social media marketing I’ve even seen, but this is the case. Recently, I’ve been working with a CPA client who is a member of the AICPA. We’ve been following their lead closely, so as to comply with all professional standards. While not as stringent about what they can not say in public as the Certified Financial Planning people, there are things that simply don’t fit a CPA that a restaurant or hair dresser can easily say, post, plus, like, etc. Here’s the AICPA’s advice:-

Think of the credible colleague you meet at a business conference and know you’d be wise to keep in touch with. Traditional “continued touches” might be a handwritten “it was nice to Continue reading

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The 5 Whys Your Prospect Becomes Your Buyer; Buying Decisions.

Jacksonville Social Media MarketingThe more I offer Jacksonville social media marketing, the more clear 5 factors that influence buying decisions become.  I believe it is only 5 and that you need to nail each one. Once you do, you will close every prospect you want to close and be able to nudge those who look like they might be a pain on to your competition!

It’s all about differentiation and risk.  And price… but price last!  Here’s how I think it all lays out:-

1. Differentiation.  How are you better, different, special, unique, smarter, faster, whatever.  Can you be clear about this unique selling proposition (USP, often called Unique Competitive Advantage) and can you say it concisely?

2.  Value.  Does your prospect fully understand the value of your service (or product) compared to competition, and also compared to anything they can find online.  Value here in Continue reading

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Word Clouds – Infinite Uses – Have you tried Wordle?

It’s been another busy week here at Vizzitopia, as I struggle to keep up with the daily changes over at Google+ and savor the peace and relative comfort at Facebook, (imagine!!) getting to know more local business owners at LinkedIn whereas on Pinterest … just writing about it all exhausts me!! LOl

I’ve been so thankful to Wordle this week.

Social Media Tool - WordleThis is the cover page/sales page of a someone who is looking for a LinkedIn trainer who “gets” her list! Wordle summed up Continue reading

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The Challenge of Local Business Social Media Marketing

Jacksonville Local BusinessThe challenge for local business social media marketing is enormous, both in terms of understanding why they need it, and then finding the time to use social media well. Sites like Facebook seems massive, full of goofy personal information and thus overwhelming.  Twitter goes very fast, there are so few real conversations there, what’s the point?  Then there’s all the others – LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube etc.  The overwhelm and time consuming nature of it all is the main stumbling blog.  Plus, what to say, who to follow, how to reach more followers?

Next:how do we, as social media managers, PROVE that our systems work?  Case study data. in your own local market, takes time to collect – the sites need to “season” -

Continue reading

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How To Motivate Yourself – For Your Social Media Marketing

Motivate Yourself in 30 Seconds

It’s easy to motivate yourself when you ask your mind (and heart) the right questions.
A guest blog post from Geoffrey James of Inc. Magazine

how to motivate yourself

Getting motivated is easy. All you need do is “connect the dots” between why you take action and what action you must take next. To do this, you ask yourself nine simple questions.

As you ask, don’t formulate complicated answers. Your mind and heart already know what they want; you’re just tapping into that knowledge.

Here are the Continue reading

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Why Hire A Local Web-based Marketing Company vs. A Reseller of A National Brand For Your Social Media Marketing Needs?

Jacksonville Social Media Manager

Courtesy: Bill Humpug

“You can’t swing a cat without hitting a realtor in this town!”

That was the old saying, wasn’t it? Now, it’s you “can’t swing a cat without hitting a social media manager!”

And while social media managers come in all shapes and sizes, the most effective managers are those who have owned their own small business and know how to market a company online, using all the internet marketing tools out there. You see, a local web-based marketing company understands and lives exactly what you already know as a business owner in your town. Continue reading

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What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition, Your USP?

Unique Selling Proposition

Do you, like me, have a hard time defining your own unique selling proposition?  I can easily SEE what it is for other people, but not so easily for myself.  Until this morning’s breakfast with W. Emerson Brantley.

Emerson is a career-long marketing strategist with a wicked knack for copywriting. You want bums on seats? You want Emerson to market your event. You want to crash a server? You want Emerson zeroing in on the exact customer your product serves, and turning away everyone else.  How can you get so MANY MORE of the people that you do want by deliberately turning away those you don’t?

Continue reading

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Did You Know LinkedIn Company Pages Could Do This?

LinkedIn For BusinessDo you know that you can segment your audience on LinkedIn company pages and show a different lineup of your products and service to each segment? Since LinkedIn is THE place to showcase talent, you should really spend some time identifying your talents and then showcasing them in the most visual way the social network will let you.

When you set up your company page, there are some very clever things you can do with the Products and Services section.  List a full line-up of your products and services with banners and YouTube videos; you will find you are allowed 3 different banners and a different video for each audience segment!! Continue reading

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“Use Pinterest For Business” Does Not Mean Every Business, Necessarily

Pinterest For Business

With the recent proliferation of social media sites, you may be becoming increasingly confused as to which will serve your marketing needs best.

Take Pinterest for example, which has rocketed to number 3 behind Twitter and FaceBook in only a few short months. Every social media site is different and if you want to promote your business as with any kind of marketing, you must do your research and planning before jumping in.

Social media participation can be very time-consuming and it can take a considerable amount of time and work to elbow your way to the forefront, especially if you’ve been putting it off. Indeed, you may find that when checking your analytical data, traffic and sales conversions you may come to the harsh reality Continue reading

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